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THE NLP Practitioner Certification is everything you need to create your ideal empowered and abundant life, blissfully and balanced future.


Hello, our names are Matthew Tweedie and and Christina Ettore and we’ve helped thousands of people achieve the best versions of themselves, overcome clinical depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, crippling addictions, chronic pain and intrusive thoughts which have held them hostage for years.

We’ve been in the field of personal development and human growth, collectively, for two decades and while we have been travelling along this path of helping others to gain resolution, we went through a lot of self-discovery. We know that you’re a unique puzzle and you have your own hopes, dreams and passions as well as desires and goals.

Through our many certifications and practices we have been able help many others just like you gain control on their life and get certified to help others do the same.

How can you achieve all your goals more rapidly, more easily and more freely?

As we look at these patterns of human behaviour there seems to be common sticking points and patterns that tend to emerge. The good news is that with each common hurdle there are equally common solutions.

We have been conditioned to believe that we cannot live the life that we want, to live in abundance, to be healthy, happy and powerful, but we are lead to believe it is normal to consistently feel that we are not deserving, worthy or good enough. There are beliefs and habits that we picked up due to no fault of our own, but nonetheless, they are there and it’s only you that can set yourself free.

Why Partner with The Coaching Room?

Australia Best NLP Certification

The Coaching Room is APAC’s leading provider of personal development and professional coach training programs..

The Coaching Room offers the most comprehensive Meta-Coach training programs with ongoing support and training. You will learn how to professionally coach anyone, integrate coaching skills into your current life or work, and personally develop. Most members of The Coaching Room choose to start their coach training with the NLP Practitioner Course, while others who are already coaches choose the Fast Track ‘become a professional coach’ pathway. We have many options to help you live the life you want, authentically lighting up the lives around you.

Our mission at The Coaching Room, we’re here to help by freeing you from the habits and thought patterns that are holding you back – so you can live a more rewarding, authentic life. By detaching your sense of being from other people’s expectations and judgements, you can live freely, without fear, and with nothing to prove.


We’re great listeners. We want to hear your challenges and determine how we can help.

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    We’re great listeners. We want to hear your challenges and determine how we can help.